Arabic Language and Literature

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Department German and Arabic
Academic Division The College
Offerings Course Work
The study of Arabic at W&L offers six continuous semesters of Arabic coursework designed to reflect the rich linguistic, literary and cultural diversity of the Middle East, as well as advanced-level coursework. In the classroom, we adopt a learner-centered approach that encourages students to actively engage with speaking, listening, reading and writing Arabic.

Why Study Arabic at W&L?

The Arabic Program at W&L adopts a communicative approach to language learning, training students in Modern Standard Arabic and the Levantine vernacular simultaneously. In this globalized century, proficient students can pursue careers in diplomacy, education, business, law, interpretation/translation, journalism, intelligence and more. 

The Arabic Program partners with the Middle East and South Asia (MESA) Studies minor. Students may focus on Arabic language if they minor in Middle East and South Asia Studies with Language Emphasis (MESAL). 

In addition to first-, second- and third-year Arabic, courses include Special Topics in Arabic Culture and Literature, as well as Directed Individual Study.

“My Arabic classes at W&L have been the ideal academic course to prepare me for proficiency in the language. Arabic at W&L has always challenged me but has kept me engaged every step of the way through diverse ways of learning and relevant content.”

Jonathan PezziClass of 2019

Anthony (Antoine) Edwards

Program Head

Jacque Bruce

Administrative Assistant

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