Academic Divisions

Academic Divisions

Washington and Lee is composed of two undergraduate divisions, the College and the Williams School of Commerce, Economics, and Politics; and a graduate School of Law. 

The College is where you’ll find humanities, languages and sciences, as well as fine and performing arts. The Williams School offers accounting, business administration, economics, politics and entrepreneurship.

As a student at W&L, you will almost certainly take classes in both. You might major in math and minor in politics. Double major in economics and German. Dabble in the market and in the theater. You have the flexibility to follow your passion, change your mind, spread your wings, and discover your calling. 

The College

The College departments and programs represent the liberal arts core of the University, ranging from the fine arts, the humanities, certain social sciences, journalism and mass communications, the natural and physical sciences, computer science, and mathematics.

The Williams School

W&L is the only top tier liberal arts college in the United States to claim a nationally accredited undergraduate business school. The Williams School of Commerce, Economics, and Politics is distinct among its peers—offering a business education within a larger liberal arts curriculum—and most students take some classes there, regardless of major.

The Law School

One of the smallest of the nation's top-tier law schools, Washington and Lee University School of Law seeks to cultivate broad-minded, highly skilled, and honorable practitioners of law.  

Academics Leadership

Students are encouraged to get to know and utilize their deans and administrators.