Our athletic program not only supports our students in their academic pursuits, but it also encourages them to participate fully in the life of the university. On the court or the field, W&L athletes learn skills like leadership, sportsmanship, integrity and responsibility. Off the field, they can be found on stage, volunteering in town, in the lab and abroad.


W&L offers 24 NCAA Div III sports, 12 men and 12 women. W&L follows the NCAA Division III guidelines of awarding financial aid based only on family need and academic merit. The result is a strong, diverse program full of students motivated by a love of the game and a desire to excel academically.

Intramural Sports

W&L sponsors about 25 different intramural sports each year. Ranging from kickball and waffle ball to tennis and flag football, there truly is an IM competition for everyone! All students are eligible to participate on intramural teams. Fraternities, sororities, dormitory halls, and groups of friends all field teams for their favorite IM sports. 

Outdoor Recreation

W&L's Outing Club is an organization for students who want to participate in a variety of outdoor activities, including climbing, paddling, backpacking, diving, trekking, fishing, etc. There are activities planned throughout the school year and during most breaks. Classes are scheduled during all three terms and are taught based on student interest.

Club Sports

Club sports are student-organized teams that participate year-round in non-NCAA sports such as cycling, sailing, boxing, rugby and cricket. They keep regular practice schedules, maintain their own equipment and manage their own schedule of competition against teams from other colleges.