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In 1796, George Washington made the first philanthropic gift to save the struggling Liberty Hall Academy. Since then, two-plus centuries of alumni and friends have given because they loved W&L, believed in its mission and wanted to ensure its success for future generations.

Everyday Impact

Gifts to the Annual Fund support every facet of W&L. Yearly donations provide as much as 8 percent of the university's operating budget and are the critical difference in W&L's ability to fulfill its educational mission by providing unrestricted dollars that support academic departments, faculty and student research and financial aid.

W&L appreciates your gift whenever it is received. But making a habit of giving early is beneficial to both you and W&L. The Early Impact Challenge, from Nov. 1 to Dec. 31, helps in many ways:

  • It sends a strong message of support to classmates who may be on the fence about a gift. When they see your name and strong early participation numbers, they'll know that their support matters.
  • It reduces the expenses that go into fundraising, making your gift even more impactful.
  • You'll receive less mail from us, which is better for the environment, and we'll have more money to spend on the student experience.
  • It's easier to remember, as it aligns with the end of the tax year, when many are considering charitable contributions.
  • It helps your class agent. Our class agents are generous with their time, and giving early lets them know that they can count on your support, freeing them up to focus on participation from your classmates.
  • It ensures that we can thank you early and often — in our Honor Roll of Donors and through donor recognition events.

Office of University Development

Find Your Gift Officer

Our leadership giving team is happy to work with you to ensure your gift makes a big impact.

Thank You

Your Support Matters
The impact of your gifts is not simply the tangible resources you provide to help carry out W&L's mission. Your support offers inspiration to the campus community in many ways.

The Case for Giving

The following alumni and friends have honored Washington and Lee with a gift, and we honor them in return.


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