First-Year Experience

First-Year Experience

First-year programming at W&L allows first-year students to bond before they ever step into the classroom. Through this programming, they are able to participate in memorable and meaningful experiences like community service, outdoor exploration and experiential trips. Then, when classes begin, students have access to class deans, peer tutors and counselors, faculty advisors and others to ensure success inside and outside of the classroom.


Pre-orientation (Pre-O) begins the week before orientation. Pre-O provides students the opportunity to begin their college career with friends, a sense of community, sharpened teamwork skills and a memorable, meaningful and challenging experience. Choose one of five tracks: Appalachian Adventure, Volunteer Venture, Archaeology, Sustainability Leadership, or Civil Rights.

Students often say Pre-O week is one of their best college memories. 

Orientation Week

Before classes start, Orientation Week introduces new students to W&L traditions, the undergraduate curriculum, student organizations, and educational and social events. And it’s a great way to meet new friends.