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Students who minor in archaeology are those who are excited about history and enjoy the process of discovery. They are interested in studying what it means to be human across space and time. They generally like to travel, collaborate with an array of colleagues and researchers, and work with their hands.

Why Study Archaeology at W&L?

The interdisciplinary archaeology minor offers opportunities for students to combine coursework with hands-on experience in the lab and field. Archaeology is a compelling and rewarding discipline that draws on concepts from across a range of academic fields, incorporating both the sciences and the humanities into a comprehensive study of past cultures. Students obtain a geographical and temporal understanding of material culture, and they will come into contact with archaeological sites and all the political, historical and media ramifications of such work.

Faculty at W&L currently work on projects in Athens, Greece, at Pompeii and Herculaneum in Italy, and at Liberty Hall and other sites here on campus and around Virginia. Students participate and conduct research in faculty-led projects during Spring Term and every summer, as well as join ongoing projects in various locations. 

“Archeology is interdisciplinary in a way that it often relies on the hard sciences and analysis of the hard sciences. At the same time, we bridge across to the humanities, and we read historical documents, and we do oral histories. Archeology is positioned in such a way that it allows our students to see the humanities applications of scientific approaches and the scientific applications of more humanities-based approaches.”

Donald GaylordResearch Archaeologist and Instructor

Sascha L. Goluboff

Department Head

Peggy Herring

Administrative Assistant

After W&L

Students who minor in archaeology pick up knowledge that is transferable to graduate programs and many professions, including cultural resource management, cultural heritage and site preservation, and historical preservation.

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