Business Administration

Degree Type Bachelor of Science
Academic Division The Williams School
Offerings Major
Business administration is one of the most popular majors at W&L. We offer small classes (usually 16 to 22 students) that are innovative and experiential. Our professors maintain open-door policies and are regularly available to students outside of class. Quality teaching is unquestionably our highest priority.

Why Study Business Administration at W&L?

Business at W&L engages students in the multiple aspects of business administration and how it relates to the broader social and cultural aspects of society and the world. 

Typical areas of interest are in the financial industry (such as banking, investments, Wall Street and real estate development), marketing (advertising and branding), entrepreneurship, corporate social responsibility, environmental sustainability and business consulting. Business Administration students engage in case studies focusing on many aspects of business (finance, marketing, organizational behavior, leadership, strategic management, law and ethics). They have the opportunity to critically analyze real companies in current situations and make recommendations.

Related Programs

The J. Lawrence Connolly Center for Entrepreneurship is an interdisciplinary center intended to help students from across campus learn how to turn their creative ideas into successful business ventures. 


The Shepherd Program for the Interdisciplinary Study of Poverty and Human Capability integrates thought and action in direct service to disadvantaged communities. Through an array of courses and service opportunities, the program prepares students from a variety of majors and political perspectives to work with those communities to address the problems associated with poverty.

The Roger Mudd Center for Ethics advances dialogue, teaching and research about issues of public and professional ethics across all three of the university's schools - the College, the Williams School, and the School of Law. It was established in 2010 through a gift to the university from award-winning journalist Roger Mudd '50.

The Environmental Studies Program is designed to educate students in a broad class of issues related to the environment and humanity's place in the natural world. 

"The professors really challenge your critical thinking skills besides the technical skills, which is great exercise for any job out of college. Most of the problems in business administration do not have right answers, and I enjoy the process of analyzing the problems, finding the best solutions and supporting my decisions with evidence."

Joe WenClass of 2019

Sandy Reiter

Department Head

Joy Swartz

Administrative Assistant


Business administration majors can look forward to careers in investment banking, marketing, consulting, finance, retailing and manufacturing. A number of alumni enter MBA programs at the finest schools in the country.

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