Degree Type Bachelor of Arts Bachelor of Science
Academic Division The College
Offerings Major
Chemistry and Biochemistry students develop an understanding of chemistry and are encouraged to continue the pursuit of a deeper or broader understanding of the disciplines. Faculty are committed to preparing lifelong learners who are equipped with skills derived in W&L's classrooms and laboratories.

Why Study Chemistry and Biochemistry?

One of the greatest benefits of studying chemistry at W&L is the hands-on training students receive when using the state-of-the-art equipment for lab and research. Because we are an undergraduate institution, there are no graduate students between our students and the instruments. This experience affords our students opportunities to work in world-class laboratories globally.

Chemistry and biochemistry majors understand essential chemical principles and have a foundation of factual chemical knowledge on which they may build in the future. 

W&L is committed to an environment that is conducive to the pursuit and practice of scientific research in chemistry and related fields. This research contributes to faculty development and provides exposure for students in the role and practice of the scientific method. 

Research Opportunities

Students can participate in summer research projects alongside faculty, as well as directed individual study during the academic year. These partnerships often lead to co-authoring papers in scientific journals and presenting at professional conferences.

"The small class sizes have taught me to never be afraid to ask questions when in doubt, which has helped me greatly. The wide variety of classes that I have taken over two years has taught me to be open-minded and to analyze problems from various perspectives."

Anukriti ShresthaClass of 2019

Erich Uffelman

Department Head

Brittany Carr

Administrative Assistant

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