Computer Science

Degree Type Bachelor of Arts Bachelor of Science
Department Computer Science
Academic Division The College
The study of computer science at W&L provides a foundation in fundamental, invariant principles and practices of the discipline. These include problem analysis, algorithm design and the selection of appropriate theoretical models, software systems and hardware systems for implementing computational solutions to problems, as well as the historical, social, legal and ethical context of computing.

Why Study Computer Science at W&L?

Computing has transformed life. Advances in computing have enabled breakthroughs in genetics, protein modeling, medicine, weather simulations and all scientific fields. Video games and movie graphics are increasingly realistic. Children acquire various skills using fun, educational software. The Internet has revolutionized commerce, transportation and communication. Policies and laws have been reimagined to account for the new world created in cyberspace.

As a general-purpose discipline, computer science attracts students from all types of backgrounds. The projects they work on are limited only by the human imagination. With a solid foundation in computer science, W&L students have the knowledge and skills to tackle tomorrow’s challenges. Since computing is integral to so many other disciplines, some students pursue computer science along with another major.

Honors Program

The Honors Program in computer science is an enrichment opportunity for students who demonstrate superior achievement in computer science. Honors work consists of research for and preparation of an honors thesis, followed by a presentation of the completed thesis at a departmental seminar to which the public is invited.

Research and Internship Opportunities

Students may pursue individual or team-based research projects under faculty supervision in many specialized areas, during either the summer or the academic year. Such projects have often led to honors theses and placements in highly selective graduate programs. Our students are encouraged to intern during the summer to gain industry experience at government labs and at small and large companies.

Carolyn Wingrove-Moore

Administrative Assistant

Kenneth Lambert

Department Head

Meet the Faculty

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