New Class Profile

2023 Class Profile

There is no single formula for a successful application. Essentially, we are looking for an exceptional group of 460 - 470 intellectually curious students who will actively and positively contribute to the W&L community.

In our selection process, we consider a wide range of factors in addition to your academic record. These include extra-curricular involvement, character, interest in attending W&L, and other personal qualities. 

Meet the Class of 2023

6,178 Applied
1,147 Admitted
463 Enrolled
50% Women
50% Men
49% Public / Charter School
51% Private / Parochial School
17 QuestBridge Finalists
85 Domestic Students of Color
38 First Generation College Students


32 - 23 Middle 50% ACT Composite
1380-1480 Middle 50% SATR

Financial Aid Information

51% Percent of Students Receiving W&L Grant Assistance
239 Number of Students Receiving W&L Grant Assistance
$46,324 Average Need-Based Grant
$51,383 Average Institutional Award (need and/or merit based)
53 (11.4%) Pell Grant Recipients

Curriculum Background

97% with AP, Advanced International Certificate of Education, and/or IB credit
73% studied four years or more of at least one foreign language
97% completed at least one level of IB Math or a calculus course
73% studied four or more years' worth of lab science
18% took at least one year of computer science or programming in high school


The Class of 2023 includes students who served as honor council members, student body presidents, state champion athletes, concert masters, entrepreneurs, community service leaders, interns, nationally ranked debaters, editors in chief, Gold Award recipients and Eagle Scouts plus:

a pilot, state science fair champion, arborist, top campaign caller in state, Celtic Club founder, board member for Operation Smile, Lenfest Scholar, Mars Exploration intern at NASA, Hurricane Irma clean up volunteer, public health advocate in Tanzania, TEDx founder, US Senate Page, We Are Listening blog editor, motorcycle mechanic & patent-holder.

Some also worked as a:

DJ, Subway sandwich artist. PA for Dr. OZ Show, McDonalds's drive thru manager, marine servicer, dog walker for Poop Patrol, baker, professional actor, bounce house party host, florist, Gadget Guys repair founder, candlemaker, BBQ chef and hot pepper farmer.

Fun Facts

  • Fall is the popular birthday season: 52 members of the Class of 2023 have October birthdays.
  • There's only one New Year's baby in the class, but two born on New Year's Eve
  • The students who traveled farthest to attend W&L are from Vietnam: nearly 8,500 miles away.
  • The first-year student with the largest population adjustment is from Shanghai, the world's largest city, with 24 million residents
  • Sam and Sarah are the most popular preferred names in this class
  • Spanish, French, Latin, German and Chinese were the most popular languages studied in high school.