The Center for Academic Resources and Pedagogical Excellence (CARPE)

The Center for Academic Resources and Pedagogical Excellence (CARPE) will be a state-of-the-art Teaching and Learning Center. It will have two primary functions: CARPE will support faculty development towards becoming ever better teachers, through workshops, experimental classrooms, presentations, practice space, and uses of new technology and techniques in teaching; and CARPE will support student learning, through tutoring expertise, a writing and communication center, executive function support, group and individual learning sessions, and uses of new technologies for learning.

CARPE arose out of the Strategic Planning process primarily in the College, Student Life, and Admissions task forces, and was given eloquent support in the University Library's own strategic plan. CARPE will be a dynamic, interactive center for conversations about how great faculty can teach most effectively and how talented students can learn with even greater achievement. It will support an increasingly diverse student body and an ever-widening array of teaching strategies and technologies. Located in Leyburn Library, CARPE will live at the very center of campus and will give a focus to our constant efforts to provide the unique W&L education in the most effective ways possible.

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