The W&L Promise

The W&L Promise guarantees a minimum grant of tuition to any undergraduate student admitted to W&L with a total family income below $100,000 and assets typical for their income. Furthermore, students may be eligible for additional grants to cover room, board, and other educational expenses. Transfer students are also eligible for the W&L Promise.

To determine students' demonstrated need, we assess each family's income and assets with the assistance of the CSS/Financial Aid Profile from the College Board. Applicants who wish to be considered for the W&L Promise or any university-funded need-based assistance at W&L must complete an application for university need-based grant by the deadline associated with their admissions application.

W&L Grant Aid by Parent Income

Many factors contribute to determining how much aid a student receives. Our Grant Aid by Income table below estimates expected to contribution based on household income. The chart below shows, based on the last incoming class, what each family was expected to contribute based on the household income.

Keep in mind that these are sample cases and each student who applies for aid will be reviewed on an individual basis.

Class of 2023 domestic U.S. students (university need-based grant application submitted)

Income How Much You Will Pay Percent of Families Receiving Award
$0-$29,999 $1,338 100%
$30,000-$59,999 $3,966 100%
$60,000-$89,999 $7,999 100%
$90,000-$119,000 $11,837 100%
$120,000-$149,999 $17,796 100%
$150,000-$189,999 $26,790 97%
$190,000-$249,999 $33,518 97%
$250,000 and above $65,048 32%

W&L Promise Questions

Family income is a combination of all income sources as determined by the financial aid evaluation. Family income may include the adjusted gross income (AGI), untaxed income, income imputed from assets, living allowances and relevant employer benefits, and income from a non-custodial parent, if applicable.  When family assets exceed levels typical for their income then portions of the assets may be considered in the evaluation as part of the total income.

Applicants must submit a complete university need-based grant application including the CSS Profile, parent and student federal tax returns, and non-custodial information if applicable. The evaluation of the application will determine if the student will qualify for the W&L Promise.

Students who qualify for the W&L Promise will receive, at minimum, a grant equal to the full cost of tuition at W&L. In addition, families who qualify for the W&L Promise will also receive total financial aid packages consisting of grant and Work-Study awards, which, in combination, with the W&L Promise, will meet their full demonstrated need.

Yes, you will need to submit the complete university need-based grant application each year.

Upon receipt of a complete university need-based grant application from your family, the Office of Financial Aid will review your family's finances and through institutional evaluation determine your estimated family contribution (EFC). Your family's "Full Demonstrated Need" is the difference between the W&L cost of attendance and your institutional EFC.

International currencies and exchange rates can vary greatly from week to week making a family income evaluation inconsistent. However, entering international undergraduate students are eligible to receive the W&L Promise. International students may also be eligible for generous need-based and/or merit awards.

Although loans are not included as part of the university need-based package, they may be offered to families as an option for meeting the estimated family contribution. It is not required that you accept these loans.

Transfer students are eligible to receive the W&L Promise. Applicants must submit the complete need-based application and have total family income less than $100,000.  Please review the complete W&L Promise requirements. Transfer students with income greater than $100,000 may still be eligible for university need-based aid.  Please submit the complete need-based application by the February 15 deadline to be considered for any university need-based assistance.

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