Spiritual and Religious Life

Spiritual and Religious Life

While Washington and Lee University is a non-sectarian institution, we realize that spirituality is part of a student's holistic development. We provide programs, resources and spaces for all students to learn, explore and grow.

Interfaith Resource Center

The Interfaith Resource Center is located on the second floor of Hillel House. The center has resources about different world religions and is open to anyone of any religion. It also provides a place for students to meet with their faith leaders and students of different religions

Hillel House

W&L's Hillel House was established to provide facilities, guidance and organization for religious, cultural, educational, service and interfaith activities. Hillel is dedicated to building Jewish identity while nurturing intellectual and spiritual growth, as well as interfaith conversations. Hillel House also features a sanctuary where Jewish religious services are held.

Sacred Space

Elrod Commons Room 319 is a dedicated and consecrated room set aside for prayer, contemplation and meditation. The space is available for individuals during regular Elrod Commons hours and may be reserved in advance for small group gatherings.

Religious Gatherings

Lexington is home to several churches of many denominations that are attended by students, faculty, staff and community members alike. In addition, there are many student-led clubs and organizations focused on bringing students together to practice faith on campus.

Shaping Traditions

Religious Life
"My earliest memories are of running around under the table with my cousins during my family’s own weekly Shabbat dinners, and now I am one of the 'adults' putting together these celebrations for fellow students."