The Johnson Program

The Johnson Program in Leadership and Integrity

The Johnson Program in Leadership and Integrity is one of the nation's most ambitious efforts to elevate access to and engagement within higher education. The program:

  • Awards at least full-tuition, room and board merit scholarships to approximately 10% of the incoming class each year;
  • Provides grant funding for current students to engage in self-directed research or independent summer study;
  • Supports lectures and programming that bring serious scholars in leadership and integrity to campus;
  • Endows faculty positions in disciplines related to leadership and integrity.

Those with the intellect to excel and the selflessness to care should have the opportunity to lead.

Meet the Endowed Faculty

In addition to providing scholarships and opportunity funding for students, the Johnson Program supports two full-time faculty positions, one in the Williams School of Commerce, Economics and Politics and one in The College.

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