Greek Life

The popularity of the Greek system at Washington and Lee is a testament to both the camaraderie that the students find within their organizations and the breadth of opportunities that they provide.

All of our Greek organizations make community service a priority throughout the year.

Fraternities and sororities exist for the personal and professional development of their members and their community. Greek life is typically founded on principles of scholarship, leadership, friendship and service that are taught internally by a national ritual to the members who strive to exhibit those principles in their daily lives.

W&L students pride themselves on being well-rounded, whether they're members of the Greek system or not. Artsy or outdoorsy, activist or introvert, your Greek affiliation is just one more aspect of your experience.

"There are no restrictions in regards to how involved one can or cannot be on campus. For instance, you can be an athlete, active in the Greek system, involved in student government, clubs, etc. It is not hard to see how incredibly unique Washington and Lee truly is, as it allows students to explore so many different avenues and find success in so many ways."

~ Mary Virginia Long